I accidentally became an English major in college because I took too many literature classes. While my primary focus was Middle Eastern Archaeology, I got tired of sitting through historical lectures and reading texts on geologic eras. I signed up for a class on Toni Morrison during my freshman year (oblivious, at first, to the fact that Morrison was a female) and buried myself in her rich, spellbinding novels.

From there, I experienced an uninhibited free-fall into the wonders of college-level English courses. My professors seemed to possess  unlimited knowledge of Auden and O’Connor, Faulkner and DeLillo. I had always enjoyed reading, but now it became a vice; I simply couldn’t get enough of it. My Senior Seminar topic was on, so fatefully: “Reading”. We discussed the history of the written word, the import of technology, and the actual experience of reading itself. I realized just how vital reading was to my own personal existence.

And so I continue to read rather voraciously. I gather books by the dozen at thrift stores and garage sales, dishing them out to friends and strangers ad nauseum. But I give them out because I love discussing them.  A great story is worth talking about– and there are so many to choose from!

Tim (the English Writing major) and I have been friends since college. I like to think of us as bookish kindred spirits. We enjoy both the process of reading and the art of examining what we read. And we often vehemently disagree on all kinds of levels. With that in mind, it has been an exciting challenge to dive into this list together and tackle some fascinating works by authors we have only vaguely touched on in the past.

I’ll be sure to tell you more about myself as we go on. But for right now? I am simply a girl who loves her books.


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