Names on the Nose

Tim: This didn’t strike me as too overt from the get-go, but it didn’t take too long to realize that these characters (who as discussed are lacking personality to begin with) are completely revealed by their names. Phoebe FINE. Never an opinion on anything, just go with the tides. Claude DUVET. He barely makes it into the book, but we know he’s nothing more than something cheap to cover the bed with. Holly FLAKE. Who of course makes no commitments to anybody, and is just on to the next usable person/item when the old one wears out. I’m not  alone here, am I? The name “Spitty” perfectly encompases that characters social and vocal habits. Humphrey’s always harumphing self righteously about something or another. Jeez.


Debby: And Jason Barry GOLD was the spoiled brat. Yeah, yeah, it’s a little cheesy. At least the author had some fun?


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